Sunday, January 2, 2011

resolution revolution

Like most Americans, last year I set a bunch of resolutions. Some were pipe dreams. (Write a letter a week? Please, who was I trying to kid?) Others weren't pipe dreams, but I didn't meet. (Get back to 14% body fat? Well, I didn't get there, but I did make some progress, which I'll write about in a different post.) And one, in particular, I met: no diet cola or other diet drinks.

Yes, it has now been 366 days since I gave up my beloved Fresca. No more grapefruity goodness. No more peach-flavored fizz. No more black cherry belches.

How do I feel? Frankly, healthwise I feel absolutely no different, or at least in ways that I can trace to diet soda. (Somehow I don't think that giving up soda made me a year older.) After an initial few days with nutrasweet withdrawal headaches, I didn't get headaches any more or less frequently than I used to. Etc.

Financially, I figured I probably had a $400/year habit. It's nice to have that money back, although I probably compensated a bit by drinking more coffee. (Yes, I used to drink soda in the morning.) It's also nice not to have to make so many trips to the recycling center, or have the embarrassment of dozens of cans lying around my office during busy and busy-drinking periods.

Do I miss it? Not really. Maybe my mouth feels a little dry writing this post, but beyond that I don't think I've thought about diet soda one way or the other for a few months. The most difficult time was during summertime car trips. Taking a break from the road to pick up a bottle of water just doesn't yield the same satisfaction as taking a break to pick up a bottle of soda. It makes no sense, I know, but most human social behavior doesn't.

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