Saturday, January 15, 2011

Long-time readers of this blog may remember the B. Strong Great Hoagie Roll Experiment of 2010. Since there aren't any long-time readers of this blog, let me recap: last January, I cleaned out the freezer as part of a get-healthy binge. One of the items I unearthed was a package of standard commercial hoagie rolls with a sell-by date of September of 2009. Rather than just throw them out, I fed half to the cute fuzzies outside, and kept the other half as an experiment in the efficacy of stay-fresh chemicals.

I put them in the back of a cupboard in March, and forgot about them.

Until today. Yes, it's time for the conclusion of the Great Hoagie Roll Experiment. I would take their picture, except they look exactly. the. same. They aren't soft and squishy anymore, but otherwise they appear to be undamaged from their year out of the freezer.

That's just wrong.

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