Friday, December 31, 2010


Below 150 on the scale for the first time in a long, long time. 149.5, to be exact, but my scale only gives 1/2 pound increments. My weight will probably bounce up again: it always does, especially after a heavy lifting day. And, tonight is New Year's Eve, and we'll be going to a friend's for dinner and another friend's to ring in the new year. Even so, it feels good to see evidence that I'm making progress.

I also "feel" leaner this week. I'm sure it's because I've been watching my diet and cutting calories and doing a mix of lifting and cardio. (Wow: a caloric deficit leading to weight loss? Who would have thunk it.)


//b. strong

Monday, December 27, 2010

unfamiliar gyms, familiar feeling

stuck at 152.5 for what seems like forever. I can understand being stuck if I haven't been eating clean or working out. Then it's my own danged fault. I guess being stuck is, too, but it's just frustrating.

I'm working out at a commercial gym this week rather than my usual gym. The commercial gym has more of the bells and whistles (ooh, a TRX thingie), but I can't say that I prefer it. No roman chair, for one thing, and how is a girl to survive without roman chair situps? OK, so maybe that's not such a bad thing.

I didn't have a great workout. I felt a little sliuggish. I'm not sure if it's soreness from yesterday's squat workout, or the weather, or the fact that I skipped breakfast. Or, maybe it's just one of those days.

b. strong,

Sunday, December 26, 2010

on green tea

green tea smells like fish food.

that is all.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

festive fruit

I'm always at a loss for what to take to The Boy's school parties. I want to take something healthy because, let's face it, kids don't need sugary junk any more than adults do. But, I also want to take something that kids (other than mine) are going to eat. Here's what I did for The Boy's holiday party:

Pretty cool, if I may say so myself. (Disclaimer: I stumbled across the basic idea on the internet a long time ago, when I was trying to find out how to make radish roses. I can't find the site now to give attribution, and, frankly, I don't think mine is all that much like theirs anyway.)

It's easy, too. The most time-consuming part is stringing the cranberries and golden raisins, but it's not exactly difficult. You need:

a pineapple. Choose one with nice looking leaves, that grow reasonably straight up out of the fruit. Unless you want a realistically tilty tree, that is.
a green apple
powdered sugar
dried cranberries (maybe a cup?)
golden raisins (maybe a 1/4 cup?)
thread and needle
clementines or other fruit, as desired
a paring knife
frilly toothpicks (optional)

1) Cut the pineapple crossways about 2" below where the leaves join the pineapple, more if you want a taller star. Take the part with the leaves and put it cut side down. Trim away the fruit to the base of the leaves, or a bit less (you can always trim away more, if you want). You should still have a 2" square or rectangular bit of fruit in the center. Shape this into a star the best you can.

2) Trim a bit of the base off the bottom of the apple so that it sits flat and is reasonably stable. Cut out the core. Shorten a few of the center leaves of the "tree" and wedge them into the apple to attach the tree to the base.

3) Dust the tree with powdered sugar. Try not to get any on the star.

4) String the cranberries and golden raisins on the thread, using whatever pattern you want. You could also string up dried apricots or bits of dried mango or whatever other fruit you think would be pretty.

5) Peel, core, and slice up the rest of the pineapple.

6) Arrange the tree (apple side down, obviously) on a tray with the rest of the pineapple and the clementines.

7) Drape the cranberry garland around the tree. If necessary, you can attach one end to the apple with a red frilly toothpick.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

she's b-a-a-ck

It's almost the New Year again, and I have been exceedingly remiss in feeding the blog. Rather than try to update my dear reader (?) with all the events in My Blogging Vacation, I'm just going to dive in with a bit of navel gazing. Maybe that's what this blog will become, since I lack the writing talent of, say, Charlotte Hilton Anderson.

As of yesterday morning, I weigh 150.0. That's about 7 pounds less than my max weight in 2010. I've lost about 3 pounds in the last 3 weeks, which sounds like slow progress but isn't so bad considering (a) it's the holidays, (b) I've been gaining strength at the gym, and (c) I don't have too many more pounds of fat to lose. (I can see the 4-pack of abs immediately under my sternum. Based on past experience, this probably means I'm about 16%-17% BF.)

My goal is to be 140 and about 14% BF by Feb 17. Why Feb 17? That's the day we leave for 2 weeks in Hawaii. Going to Hawaii in anything but top shape seems like a crime, because there's so many fun outdoors things to do: trails to hike, beaches to run, rivers and bays to paddle, waves to jump, canyons to explore, even kites to fly. I'm also vain, and I want to look good in a bathing suit. (I'm not afraid to admit it!) And, there's nothing worse than looking at old vacation pictures and cringing. I have plenty of cringe-worthy pictures as it is, thankyouverymuch.