Monday, February 1, 2010

taking stock

It's been one month since I tightened up my eating, kicked the diet soda habit once and for all, and started putting just a touch more effort in at the gym. I wasn't a slouch, before, but I'd say that I make it to the gym an extra day a week now, and, averaged across all workouts, have upped the intensity by a notch. ("Yes, but this one goes to eleven.")

Time to take stock, Jan 1-Jan 31
  • pounds lost: 4, give or take
  • days with workouts: 23 (doesn't include active rest days)
  • PRs set: bench, deadlift, squat
  • cans of diet soda consumed: 4 (I didn't run out until Jan 2 or so)
  • alcohol consumed: 0 oz
  • body fat lost: ?, but I can see more definition in my abs than before
Goals not met:
  • breaking 150. I still have a couple of pounds to go. My mind knows that this is just an arbitraty number, like any other, but it's still important to me for some reason. For one thing, I *hate* having to use that extra weight thingie on a balance scale.
  • wardrobe expansion. There are still a few pairs of pants that I could wear 2 years ago but can't wear (in public) now. I'm not ready to give up on them yet.

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