Sunday, February 21, 2010

Do you Tabata?

Photo from CrossFit PlusOne

I tried "Tabata this!" for the first time yesterday. For those of you unfamiliar with Tabata training, it's a form of torture masquerading as high-intensity cardio. Relative to low-intensity cardio and high-intensity training with longer work and rest periods, Tabata training increases both aerobic and anaerobic capacity, and gives a greater "afterburn."

The protocol is simple: 8*(20 seconds max effort + 10 seconds of rest). Almost any exercise can be Tabatized (ooh, a new word), but compound exercises are preferable. Tabata this! -- the exclamation point is important -- entails 5-6 Tabatized exercises, with a 1-minute rest.

Translation: hell, but in a good way.

Here were my scores:
  • Rowing (8 rds). I burned 55 calories total, but discounting the turns of the flywheel during the 10 second rest periods, I'd guess my average was 6 cal/round, low was 5.
  • Squats (8 rds). max 15, min 8
  • Pullups (8 rds, strict). max 8, min 5@ setting 10 on the gravitron
  • Pushups (4 rds). max 12, min 4
  • Situps (8 rds): max 17, min 12
  • Pushups (4 rds). max 10, min 4
Total (counting only the lowest for each exercise): 5+8+5+4+12 = 34

I knew that pullups were going to blow, but pushups surprised me. I usually have no trouble cranking out 10-12 in a set. And, that's what I did, but only for the first set in each round. After that, reps dropped off faster than Tiger Woods' sponsors.

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