Friday, February 19, 2010

corner bar fly

I think I've invented a new exercise: the corner bar fly. I like it as much for the name (corner barfly? get it?) as for the movement. The basic idea is this: find a corner in the gym where you can wedge one end of a barbell. You'll need at least 4 feet of space on either side of the free end of the barbell.

Stand shoulder with your feet slightly more than shoulder width apart. Lift up the free end of the barbell with one hand, then extend that arm out to the side in a fly position. Keeping your core tight to take the hips out of the motion, bring the arm toward the center and slightly up, as if you are doing a fly from a standing position. I like to make this more explosive by tossing the barbell into the other hand at the top.

Don't let your hands drop all the way down to your hips at the bottom of the motion. Obviously, if it hurts your shoulders or elbows, stop. Add weight in 5-10 lb. increments.

OK, I can't imagine that no one has tried this before. It's really just a variant on the corner barbell press. But I couldn't find a video on youtube, so therefore I must be the first. (I'm kidding, of course. Although, when it comes to exercises, youtube is ridiculously comprehensive. Seems like fitness freaks can't help but post videos of themselves teaching an exercise. Bless 'em.)

Warm up: random stuff, air squats, stretching
WOD (based on crossfit HQ's WOD): max reps, 5 rds of
  • 85 lb. thrusters (7,8,7,7,6)
  • dead-hang wide-grip pullups (9,8,7,6.5,4)
Cash out:
  • corner bar flys: 10 each side @45 (bar only); 6 @ 55, 4@55
  • triangle pushups: 10, 10, 10
  • corner bar lumberjack squats: 8@90; 6@115; 5@115

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