Monday, February 8, 2010

cleaning up the diet, step 2

In the first stage of the Great Diet Scrub of 2010, I gave up my beloved Peach Fresca and all of its aspartame-laced cousins. No more diet soda, period.

Going cold turkey was easier than I thought it would be. For one thing, I was expecting aspartame-withdrawal symptoms. Nada.

Given the success of Stage 1, I began Stage 2 this weekend: no more sweeteners, artificial or otherwise, in my coffee. Coffee is the last major vehicle for artificial sweeteners in my diet. I'm sure some sneaks in here and there, but I'm working on that, too.

So far, I can't say that I like the taste of non-sweetened coffee. But I'm committed to giving it more time. And, if I never acquire the taste for coffee sans saccharin ... well, I probably drink too much coffee as it is.

//b strong


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  2. I gave up aspartame and all artificial sweetners also. I did have withdrawals! I graved sweets for a couple of days! I have never craved swets my entire life (35). I guess the constant flow of aspartame from my diet mountain dew kept me sugar satisfied. Every now and then I drink a diet dew but I am no longer hooked.