Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Today's workout called for weighted dips. There is nothing quite like strapping on a dip belt, attaching a plate onto the chain, and cranking out a few sets of dips to make you feel like superwoman. Even if you aren't.

Dippers, beware: The Goddess o' Dips has a nasty sense of humor, and impeccable timing. Just when you feel like you can conquer the world with your Triceps of Steel, she'll give the plate a little spin so that it whacks you in the kneecap. According to my male lifting friends, another of the Goddess' favorite trick is to wrap the chain around sensitive body parts if you get too, erm, cocky.

By the by, I didn't get to do weighted dips today, for lack of a dip belt. My usual gym, which is closed for the next two weeks, has a belt that anybody can borrow. I assumed that the main gym would be similarly equipped. Alas, the "personal trainers" at today's gym had never heard of such a thing. Blank stares, all around.

May the Goddess o' Dips smite them with knowledge.

b. strong //

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