Thursday, January 14, 2010

from resolutions to rescue efforts

I estimate that my former diet soda habit cost at least $10/week. I'm sending an advance of $50, about what I would have spent on diet soda this month, to the Red Cross to help with relief efforts in Haiti.

It's a little thing, to be sure. But I won't miss the $50 -- if I really "needed" it, I would have given up diet soda long ago -- and it may do a teeny tiny bit of good in a country that has been absolutely devastated by the earthquake. There but for the grace of God go I.*

If you have something that you are trying to eliminate from your diet, please consider donating the "savings" to a relief organization.

be strong //

*I'm not a religious person. But if I believed in hell, there would be a special place in it for Pat Robertson. The man is an embarrassment to Christianity, to America, and to humanity.

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