Friday, January 29, 2010


Isn't it odd how some days are Good Days, even when you don't expect them to be?

Yesterday was a case in point.
- I didn't sleep well the night before, partly because of a late afternoon cup of coffee and partly because of a work deadline
- I got up before 5, to finish up said work before my 10 am deadline
- The fridge is bare, so breakfast was scanty, and lunch fixings no where to be found. By the time I worked out in the afternoon, I had only eaten 1/2 cup of cottage cheese and a banana.
- The WOD called for 1-rep max back squats. That's probably my weakest lift, owing to a chronic hip problem.

All these factors predicted a Bad Day at the gym. And yet, yesterday everything seemed to click. I cruised through the crossfit warmup (pullups, pushups, dips, back extensions, air squats, and situps), managing 12 of everything except pullups in all three rounds. (I still can't string together 12 consecutive pullups.)

Better still, squats felt ... good. I started the 7 sets relatively conservatively, but by the 4th "set" had hit a new PR (145). That's almost as much as bodyweight: not great, but not bad for an old broad, either!

be strong //

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