Friday, January 29, 2010


This morning while I was nursing my coffee, I stumbled across the Whole30 paleo challenge. I'm not quite ready to commit to it, mentally, although I've already taken the big step of cutting out sugar and grains. I still eat dairy, though.

The challenge did inspire me to go through my pantry, which yielded a grocery bag of canned soup and pasta now on its way to the food bank. On a roll, I tackled the freezer, which I haven't cleaned out in, um, a while (read "forever" here). Out went rotkohl from Oktoberfest 2009, pie dough from Thanksgiving 2008, a carton of mystery leftovers from 2008, freezer-burned hot-dog buns from a work event in September 2009, peanuts from August 2008, and 10 fruit pops The Boy shunned after serving them at an early summer birthday party. My favorite, though, was a bag of flax seeds with a "use by" date of March 2000.

Some people track the major events of their lives through photographs, others through scrapbooks, and still others through playlists. Evidently, I use the contents of my freezer.

be strong//

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